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20-11-2012 |ENG| Germany's leading consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest: Firms "tweak formulas temporarily for ratings!"

Germany's leading consumer organisation says some makers of detergent and food products improve their formulas ahead of testing to get good results - and then change them back after securing the crucial rating. Consumer watchdog Stiftung Warentest issues ratings on a huge range of products - their conclusions are well-respected by the public and thus and sought after by companies.

A Stiftung Warentest spokeswoman told the internet platform "" that companies, such as detergent producers, changed their formulas back after the results of the tests were published.

Holger Brackemann, director of the organisation's analysis division, said the testing of orange juice had also been a cause for concern and that since post-testing alterations had been noticed, they had become more careful about giving companies notice of upcoming tests. The consumer group's board of trustees, which sponsors the testing, will now only mention that they are preparing to test juices, and not specify which kind. "There is a high level of interest from business to find out what we'll be testing in advance," Brackemann said. (Source: The Local)

20-11-2012 |GER| Leak Prevention-Plattform POPULEAKS deckt bundesweiten Skandal um Stiftung Warentest auf!

Die Leak Prevention-Plattform hat am Montag einen bundesweiten Skandal um die Stiftung Warentest aufgedeckt. Hersteller von Wasch- und Nahrungsmitteln haben mehrmals versucht, mit kurzfristigen Änderungen am Produkt die Bewertungen der Stiftung Warentest zu manipulieren.

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